About Us

Furnistad LTD

Furnistad LTD is a young and quickly developing furniture company with Polish roots. We carefully selected for you an assortment of products from the most reliable and quality-focused European manufacturers. The furniture we sell is made with care out of high-quality materials with only one goal in mind - that it should become an integral part of your household and serve you well for many years. Our shop is divided into intuitive categories that will allow you to swiftly navigate through all the products on offer. They include wall units, corner sofas, wardrobes, bedroom sets, beds, kids' bedroom furniture and more!


Furnistad LTD is not only a company – we are a team of young and motivated people who like and can stand by what they do. Every day, we are happy to provide you with high-quality products and we strive to give you the best shopping experience we possibly can. Buying furniture for your new home or for your loved ones is an important task. We are here to assist you.

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